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Canine Good Citizen Testing (CGC)

CGC is a ten part test that evaluates how well dog and handler work together. It is the entry level test, showing that your dog is a well mannered member of your family and society. 

This test is often used by home owner's associations as a baseline standard of training.

Location Requirements:

CGC requires that the dog be tested in a public setting where a "crowd" of atleast 3 people gathers. A neighborhood park is an ideal setting.


Community Canine/   Testing (CGCA)

CGCA is a ten part test that evaluates how dog and handler maneuver through the community. This test is done in the community, in a less sterile environment than the CGC but not as busy as the CGCU.

Location Requirements:

CGCA requires that the dog be tested in the community with natural crowds. Dog friendly businesses, busy parks, are all appropriate settings. 


Urban CGC Testing (CGCU)

A ten part test designed to see how both you and your dog act in an urban environment. Dog and handler on tested on how they maneuver through busy crowds, streets, etc.

The CGCU can be used as a Public Access test for Service and Therapy dog teams. Passing this test does NOT certify for your dog for either discipline.

Location Requirements:

CGCU requires an urban, busy setting that allows for the evaluation of dog and handler crossing the street, going through a doorway, going up stairs, etc. A location similar to Redmond Town Center or other busy setting.


Trick Dog Testing

Novice (TKN)        Intermediate (TKI)        Advanced (TKA)        Performer (TKP)

One of AKC's newest sport title offerings, the Trick series tests your dog on performing progressively more difficult skills. Dogs can test for multiple titles in one day, often dogs can do the 4 tests in just one day with breaks. Many of these tricks have specific requirements for how they are to be performed, whether luring is allowed, and some require the dog to perform the trick twice for it to count. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the Evaluator Guide.

Location Requirements:

Trick Dog tests can be performed almost anywhere including your home! Safety of the dog and permission to use the location are the main requirements. This means that Family K9 Trick testing can be performed in your home or preferred training location!

As of January 1, 2020 he final Trick Dog title, Elite Performer, is now able to be judged by an AKC evaluator so we are able to include this title in our offerings as well!

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