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What the heck is a LIMA?

At Family K9, we work hard to follow the LIMA guidelines. LIMA stands for Least "Intrusive, Minimally Aversive" and is the cornerstone of all learning by following the Humane Hierarchy. Essentially, the goal of LIMA and the Humane Hierarchy is to help behavior professionals decide which behavioral interventions to use when.


  1. First, do no harm.

  2. Ensure your learner (and the owner) wants to come back for more. This means training should be fun AND effective.

  3. Understand WTF (What’s The Function of the behavior)?

  4. Strive to build the relationships whenever and wherever possible.

  5. Address the whole picture, the whole animal, the whole family to make behavior changes effective.

LIMA trainers should work within a consistent, systematized protocol to effect behavioral change in their clients.

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